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If you live in RCT

To talk about adaptations to your home, you need to contact the Adaptation and Community Equipment (ACE) team at Rhondda Cynon Taff Council. Their phone number is 01443 725765 or you can email

If you live in Cardiff Bay

Contact the Occupational Health team at Cardiff Council if you are having difficulty getting around your home due to a physical disability, sensory impairment, or old age. Their phone number is 029 2023 4222.

Whether you live in RCT or Cardiff Bay, you can contact the Council yourself or have a family member, carer, social worker, health professional, or Trivallis staff member do it for you. An occupational therapist from the Council will visit your home to understand your needs and suggest adaptations. They’ll let us know what work is needed on your home.

Modifying your home

Depending on what the Occupational Therapist says, we can do lots of things to make your home safer and more comfortable for you:

  • Install rails and ramps to prevent slips and falls
  • Put in a different shower for safer bathing
  • Add a stairlift or hoist for easier movement
  • Include ramps, paths, and steps outside for better mobility
  • Adjust heating or lighting controls for easier use
  • Widen doors for wheelchair users
  • Install power-assisted door openers
  • Fit low-level kitchens for wheelchair users

Sometimes, we can make major changes like building an extension for a downstairs bedroom or creating off-road parking.

How long will it take

The urgency of changes is guided by the Council’s Occupational Therapist. We’ll work to get it done as soon as possible, but there might be a waiting list, so reaching out sooner is better.

Considering a move

The Occupational Therapist might think you’d be better moving to different home which is easier to adapt or more suitable for your needs. If they recommend this, we’ll check if there’s a better, more adaptable home that suits your needs and support requirements.

We put the needs of our older and disabled residents first when carrying out adaptations. We care about each person’s needs and aim to be flexible, responsive, and always ready to help.

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