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We have 23 sheltered schemes in Rhondda Cynon Taff, available to people aged over 60. We also have several supported housing schemes for people who need additional social care.

What is sheltered accommodation?

Living in a sheltered scheme means you have your own home – with bedrooms,  living space, a bathroom and a kitchen. But there are other benefits to this type of home.

  • You’re not alone
    You’re part of a friendly community, like having built-in friends right next door.
  • Extra support
    Need a hand with something? No problem! Scheme Coordinators are there to make sure you get that extra help when you need it, and our Contact Centre team are also on hand for repairs.
  • Safety is a big deal too
    In sheltered housing, there are measures in place to keep everything secure and sound. Plus, you’ve got peace of mind knowing that help is available if ever you need it.
  • Social activities and events
    Every day is a chance for some fun and connection, but only if you want it. Whether it’s a film night, a craft club, coffee morning, or something else, there’s always something happening in our communal areas.

So, living in sheltered housing isn’t just about having a place to live; it’s about having a comfy home, a caring community, and the support you need to make life wonderful.

Watch our video about living in sheltered housing

What is supported housing?

Supported housing is usually for people with needs that require some additional support. Residents live in individual flats, usually with one bedroom, a living room, bathroom, and kitchen. There’s a shared lounge, laundry facilities, and extra bathrooms/showers. It is provided by us in partnership with the Council.

In our supported accommodation, the Council picks a support provider who stays on-site 24/7.

It has all the same benefits as sheltered housing, but the living space and support is tailored to the needs of the residents. As well as social activities, there are sometimes opportunities to get involved with volunteering nearby. We want people in our supported schemes  to live as independently as possible in their local community.

How do I get a home in a sheltered housing scheme?

To apply for one of our sheltered housing schemes in Rhondda Cynon Taff, you must apply on Homefinder RCT. This service is managed by the local Council.

To make an application, you’ll need to register on the site. Once you’ve applied, the Council’s housing team will place you in a ‘band’ depending on your circumstances; priority is given to those in the greatest need of housing.

Before you’re given a final offer on a flat, the Trivallis team will visit you to make sure this is the best possible option for you and give you and your family a chance to ask questions.

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