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What we do

We focus on providing affordable homes and housing support services, and we work hard to increase the availability of affordable homes to meet housing needs. We are a major employer and support local contractors to carry out our work.

In addition to our core activities, we aim for more:

Community development

We want to boost community wellbeing by using a community development approach in all our work. We'll tap into existing strengths and skills within communities, partnering with community organisations, volunteers, and public services. We'll help communities take control of their own futures. We'll also support the creation of new community organisations and bring organisations together to build community wellbeing.

Community regeneration

We'll use our financial strength and trusted partnerships to bring long-term investments into our communities. Using our roles as an employer, training provider, buyer, property owner, and investor, we aim to maximise benefits for our communities and ensure investments stay within them.

Individual wellbeing

We believe in ensuring the wellbeing of everyone in the community. When thinking about individual wellbeing, we know that everyone is different, with their own strengths and past experiences. We work with partners to support individuals and families, bringing more resources into communities. Our goal is to provide seamless services to tenants by adopting a team around the tenant approach.

Principles we follow

We have five key principles which we always keep in mind:


Being a great employer

We strive to be a preferred employer, offering excellent opportunities, a supportive workplace, and fair conditions to our staff and volunteers. We commit to paying the Real Living Wage and providing support and training to volunteers.



We make decisions that support our organisation's long-term financial stability and work to reduce our impact on the climate. We work with residents to minimise climate change impact within communities.


Equality, diversity, and inclusion

Our company culture is inclusive and welcoming. We support equality, diversity, and fairness in decision-making, service delivery, recruitment, and management.


Tackling poverty

We recognise the impact of poverty in our communities and actively work to reduce it through team effort with partners and communities.



We value continuous learning, encourage employees to acquire new knowledge and skills, and promote a culture of openness, collaboration, and innovation. We learn from our own experiences, our communities, and seek good ideas from elsewhere to improve our organisation.

Our targets

During 2024, tenants, staff and Board will be working on six plans which will set out our targets in key areas.

Community strategy

This strategy will outline how we propose to embed our work with communities, develop our community development approach, tackle poverty, and live our values as a community mutual, aligned to our core purpose of being a great landlord.

Homes strategy

This strategy will outline our ambitions for improving the quality, number, and suitability of our homes to meet the needs and improve the wellbeing of our communities.

Tenant services strategy

This strategy will outline how we will deliver the satisfaction aspirations of Board, ensuring our homes and estates are well managed in line with expectation and need, and how we will work to ensure and promote individual wellbeing where we can.

Finance strategy

This strategy will outline how we will secure the resources we need to deliver our ambitions and use these resources wisely to further our ambitions and maximise the value we deliver.

People strategy

This strategy will outline our ambitions for becoming an employer of choice that supports our staff to be at their best, providing excellent service to our tenants.

Digital and data strategy

This strategy will outline how we will use ICT and data to support our ambitions, and the investment we will make in new ICT infrastructure. It will follow a review of our core Dynamics system to ensure it is fit for purpose.

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