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Trivallis is a housing association owned by its tenants, providing safe, secure, and affordable homes.

Our aim is to deliver excellent service and support to our tenants, staff, and community.

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A young man in a studio wearing headphones plays an electronic drum pad, looking intently at the instrument. the photo is in black and white, highlighting his focused expression.

Staff Stories

Dorian the GRAMO man
A woman with short brown hair wearing glasses and a blue polo shirt with the logo "trivallis" smiles warmly against a plain white background.

Staff Stories

Lorna the Coordinator
Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales Smiling professional woman in a blue polo shirt standing before a Trivallis Community Housing promotional backdrop.

Staff Stories

Rhian is keeping your home warmer
Man in a blue polo shirt with "trivallis" logo smiles at the camera, seated against a blue background with text banners.

Staff Stories

Ben explains the housing shortage

Our tenant stories

Our tenants have extraordinary stories to tell

We’re proud to highlight those who are helping make their neighbourhood a great place to live.

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Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales A woman in a red coat standing in front of a white two-story house with solar panels on the roof.

Tenant Stories

Sandra’s warmer home
Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales A woman with glasses and a rust-colored top sitting comfortably on a grey couch with blue cushions, against a playful blue mural featuring musical notes and iconic structures.

Tenant Stories

Fixing the repairs process

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