My Trivallis

Our values have been developed by our staff and tenants.

Although it took a lot of talking and refining, the time spent thinking about our values was crucial to crafting something that truly means something to us all.

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At Trivallis, we hold trustworthiness as a fundamental pillar of our culture. Trust is not only something we aim to earn from our tenants, colleagues, and community; it's also a value we exhibit in all our actions and interactions.

Honest and open communication

Be truthful and transparent in all contacts.

Share information openly, avoiding secrets.

Building relationships

Develop good, strong relationships with tenants and colleagues.

Take time to get to know each other and build trust.

Respect and accountability

Treat everyone with respect, regardless of differences.

Be reliable and responsible in our work.

Keep our promises, deliver on commitments, and take ownership 
of tasks.

Customer-centric approach

Prioritise the needs of tenants and maintain high-quality services.

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At Trivallis, kindness is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by practicing kindness in our daily interactions, we create a supportive and compassionate environment for our tenants, colleagues and community.

Kindness and respect:

Show kindness and care to tenants, colleagues and the community.

Treat everyone with respect, showing good manners.

Empathy and understanding:

Listen with empathy and understand individual needs and situations.

Consider the impact of our actions on others.

Effective communication:

Encourage open, honest, positive, and non-judgemental communication.

Use considerate and supportive language, always be polite.

Support and recognition:

Provide support to those in need, whether tenants or colleagues and recognise their achievements.

Going the extra mile:

Go above and beyond to help tenants and colleagues.

Be willing to make an extra effort to meet the needs of others.

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At Trivallis, we define progress as an unwavering commitment to continuous learning, innovation, and adaptability. We actively seek opportunities for improvement, embrace change, and encourage the development of our colleagues, always staying ahead of the curve.

Learning and development:

Prioritise continuous learning and invest in colleague training and development.

Embrace and invest in new technologies and skills.

Innovation and adaptation:

Be open to change, new ideas and new ways of working.

Effective communication:

Communicate values and information about changes effectively.

Continuous improvement:

Seek ways to improve services and processes.

Learn from mistakes and promote efficiency to improve our services.

Listening and involvement:

Listen to feedback and ideas from colleagues, tenants, and customers

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At Trivallis, we believe in a culture of inclusivity that values every person's unique perspective, needs, and contributions. We commit to treating all staff and tenants with respect, embracing diversity, and actively seeking input from every corner of our community.

Inclusivity and equity:

Embrace equality, diversity, and inclusion by treating everyone fairly and with respect.

Focus on unique needs and ensure everyone has a voice.

Take a strong stance against discrimination in all its forms and act to address any instances promptly.


Work together as a cohesive team, collaborate with colleagues, between teams and departments.

Collaborate and involve tenants, the community, and colleagues in decision-making.

Employee development:

Provide training and awareness programmes, empower colleagues and value skills.