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What can I use a garage for?

Renting a garage can be useful for many reasons.

Firstly, it’s a safe place to keep your vehicle, protecting it from weather like rain, sun, and snow. This keeps your vehicle in good shape and saves you money on potential repairs. If finding parking is a struggle where you live, renting a garage gives you a dedicated and reliable spot.

But it’s not just for cars – a rented garage provides extra storage space for tools, seasonal items, or sports gear. It’s like an extension of your home, helping you tidy up and stay organised.

Plus, a rented garage can be your personal workshop or hobby space, perfect for DIY projects or activities that need a bit more room.

Whether you need storage, a secure parking spot, or a place to work, renting a garage from us makes your daily life easier and more practical.

There are some things you can’t use our garages for. You can’t use them to run a business, keep livestock, store hazardous materials or sub-let them.

How to apply

We have stopped garage applications for now, as we have a huge waiting list already.

Once we are able to allocate again, we will re-open the applications and let you know. Thank you for your understanding.

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