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Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales A woman in a red coat standing in front of a white two-story house with solar panels on the roof.

Tenant Stories

Sandra’s warmer home

Sandra was born and raised in Perthcelyn. In fact, Sandra still lives in the same house she was born in….

Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales A woman with glasses and a rust-colored top sitting comfortably on a grey couch with blue cushions, against a playful blue mural featuring musical notes and iconic structures.

Tenant Stories

Fixing the repairs process

Leanne Creed has been an involved tenant since 2022. After experiencing her own repairs issues, Leanne decided she wanted to…

Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales An elderly lady sitting comfortably in a well-lit room with a pleasant smile, surrounded by a cozy home environment.

Tenant Stories

I found independence through my sheltered community

When Irene Boughey lost her husband and daughter within 12 months of each other, her life took a complete turn….

Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales A man stands in front of a metal fence with a Trivallis housing area and green hills in the background, under a cloudy sky.

Tenant Stories

Penrhys resident Neil loves his caring community

Throughout the pandemic, Neil noticed that his community was facing challenges and they were losing trust in Trivallis. To try…

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