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Did you know your benefits are changing?

If you receive a letter, called a ‘Migration Notice’, this means you will need to make a Universal Credit (UC) claim as the current way you claim your benefits is coming to an end.

UC is a single monthly payment which will replace your current benefits and tax credits.

Make sure to wait until you receive the letter before making a UC claim and complete it before the deadline. You will not be moved over automatically.

You will be able to make your UC claim online, or in some circumstances you can do this over the phone. All the information on claiming will be in your migration notice when you receive it.

If you complete a UC claim before receiving the letter, you may lose money. For further information on this please see Transitional protection if you receive a Migration Notice letter – GOV.UK (

The Department of Working Pensions has provided the below information of when you can expect to receive your letter. This is just an estimate, so don’t worry if you’ve not received your letter by the date mentioned:

Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales A table showing current benefits and the corresponding dates when individuals may receive their letters. Categories include Housing Benefit, Income Support, ESA, Pension age tax credits, and Jobseekers Allowance with dates ranging from April to September 2024.

Further support

More support around the move to UC is available on GOV.UK.

You can also get help by calling the Universal Credit Migration Notice helpline for free on 0800 169 0328.

If you have received your migration notice and the deadline to claim UC is approaching and you need more time to claim, you can call the helpline and ask for an extension.

Speak to our Money Advice team

If you need support with moving to UC, get in touch once you have received your migration notice.

Are you maximising your benefits? Make sure you're claiming what you’re entitled to.

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