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Why swap your home

A home swap is an exchange between two social housing tenants. It can happen for many reasons, such as needing more (or less) space, moving for work or to be closer to family. It’s a great option for social housing tenants who can’t access or don’t want to wait for the normal allocation process. It gives you more control and means you’re able to choose a home that suits your needs better, in a place you want to live.

How can we help

Our team can help you apply to join HomeSwapper. Then you can search for potential tenants to swap with and arrange to view each other’s properties. On average, 90% of people find matches within 24 hours.

If you find a good swap, you’ll need to let us know so we can inspect your property and draw up new tenancy agreements for both swappers.

Take the first step

Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales A woman and a younger male companion, possibly her son, are standing together in front of a Trivallis housing property with the visible house number 29 on a cloudy day. Both are smiling and

Swapping with a friend?

If you have someone in mind to swap homes with, such as a friend or family member, ask us for a mutual exchange form.