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You can talk to a member of our Money Advice team during office hours on 01443 494560.

Financial support

Breathing Space

Breathing Space, also known as the Debt Respite Scheme, is a government scheme to help ease the stress of being in debt. It offers temporary protection from most types of debt collection. During this time, you can focus on getting advice and planning to tackle your debts without worrying about being pursued for payment or facing extra charges. If eligible, creditors can’t add interest or fees for 60 days.
To learn more about Breathing Space, click here.


Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF)

In Wales, the DAF provides urgent grants as a last resort. It offers two types of grants that you don’t need to repay. The Emergency Assistance Payment (EAP) helps with essential costs for those facing extreme financial hardship, job loss, or waiting for benefit payments. The Individual Assistance Payment (IAP) supports independent living with items like cookers and furniture. Note that DAF doesn’t replace broken items. If eligible, you can apply online or through an accredited partner, like our Money Advice Team, for IAP.
Find out more about DAF by clicking here.


Turn2Us Grants

If you are experiencing financial issues, you might be able to apply for a grant from a charity or grant-giving organisation. The Turn2us Grants Search lists over 1,400 grants to support people looking for financial help. Turn2us also offers a small number of its own grants. A grant does not have to be paid back, but to be eligible for one, you need to meet certain criteria, such as having a specific health condition.
Search Turn2us to find out if there is a grant for you.


Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

If you’re struggling with rent payments, consider DHPs, extra payments for tenants needing more housing cost help. Usually short-term, DHPs cover shortfalls between rent and benefit awards. Eligibility requires current Housing Benefit or Universal Credit claims and evidence of financial difficulties or personal exceptional circumstances. DHPs can cover underoccupancy charges, benefit caps, and help with removal costs in certain situations. Apply online through your local council’s website or request a paper form if unable to apply online.

Saving on bills

To ease the impact of energy price increases, think about reducing your energy consumption. A smart meter can help you track real-time energy usage and costs, helping you to identify areas where you can cut back and save. If you don’t have a smart meter, ask your energy provider about installing one.

You might be eligible for a cheaper tariff or support grants for all your utilities such as gas, electric, water and broadband. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your providers for assistance.

It’s important to know that you can cause damp and mould by not heating your house properly, which can lead to health issues. Check out our guide on staying warm and well.


If you’re struggling with energy bill payments or debts, seek help from your energy provider, the Money Advice Team, or Citizens Advice.


Foodbanks are places where people on low incomes can get free, essential food.

They help when money is tight or unexpected expenses arise. By providing temporary support, foodbanks ensure individuals and families have enough to eat. If you’re struggling, foodbanks are a friendly resource to help you through challenging times.


Our Money Advice Team can give you information about your nearest foodbank.


Check out existing reward schemes and loyalty cards you might be entitled to and take advantage of the perks.

Other support programmes

Housing related support services:

  • Offers housing-related support for RCT residents aged 16 and above.
  • Assistance includes settling into and maintaining your home, budgeting, developing living skills, and connecting with other services.
  • Apply for support online using the ‘Housing-Related Support Form’.


Citizens Advice – supporting Trivallis tenants:

  • Free, confidential advice partnership with Trivallis for tenants.
  • Find your local Citizens Advice office at
  • Provides support with income maximisation, energy, housing, employment, and more.


Citizens Advice – Universal Credit help to claim:

  • Help with the early stages of Universal Credit claims.
  • Advisors assist with eligibility, application, and preparation for Jobcentre appointments. Find out more on the Citizens Advice website.
  • Reach out via phone on 08000 241 220 or online chat.


Claim What’s Yours:

  • Call the free helpline at 0808 250 5700 to explore benefits you may be entitled to.
  • Discover potential benefits for extra support.



  • The Wellbeing Coordinator Team supports people with various issues across RCT.
  • Services include assistance with housing, loneliness, emotional wellbeing, and more.
  • Contact the team on 07526 571340, or email


Carmel Community Clothing:

  • Provides quality clothing to those in need in RCT, Caerphilly & Bridgend.
  • Visit or contact them on specified days for assistance – find details on their Facebook page.
  • Accepts clothing donations for those willing to contribute.


Warm Wales:

  • Tackles fuel poverty by offering free advice and support.
  • Trained energy advisors and community workers help reduce energy bills and provide mental health support.
  • Call or email for more information.


Resident Support RCT:

  • Local response team aids with shopping, prescriptions, social contact, work support, and more.
  • Request help by calling or filling out an online form.
  • Additional contact details for various assistance programs provided.


Additional help contact details:

Healthy Start: Apply online at

Speak to our money advice team