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Our phones are answered 24/7, but please only call out-of-hours if it’s an emergency.

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Our teams are here to sort out issues with waste on our estates. If you spot a problem, let us know and we will get it sorted.

If we find out that the problem has been deliberately created by one of our tenants – for example by fly tipping or piling up rubbish in their garden – we may act against them or charge them for taking away the waste.

We’re committed to helping you create and maintain a wonderful neighbourhood which is pleasant to live in.

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Let's work together to make your estate a place you can be proud of.

Why is waste a problem?

When waste and rubbish build up, it can cause problems in homes and on our estates.

Waste inside the home can lead to various health problems, including breathing issues due to the presence of mould, allergens, and dust mites; tummy bugs from exposure to gone-off food; and infections or illnesses caused by pests like rats and flies which are attracted to the waste.

Rubbish which is left to build up outside, including fly-tipping, can attract rats and flies. It can also be a fire hazard and is a danger to children playing outdoors


Through our MAGPIE project, we can support people who collect things and struggle to get rid of items, making their home cramped and cluttered.

We don’t judge; instead, we work with you to understand your feelings about your belongings. Our dedicated team is here to help you make changes at your own pace, providing free support for as long as you need.

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