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Our Optimised RetroFit Programme(ORP) is a smart way to upgrade homes to make them more energy-efficient. This approach looks at everything in your home, from the materials it’s made of to how you heat and store energy. It even considers how energy gets to your home.

This Welsh Government funded programme is focused on creating sustainable homes that are better to live in while causing less harm to the environment.

Upgrades may include:

  • Home insulation improvements
  • Solar panelling
  • Roofing improvements
  • Intelligent Energy System instillation

Benefits for Tenants:

  • Lower Energy Bills: ORP helps reduce your energy costs by making your home more efficient.
  • Better Temperature Control: Upgrades help you keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round.
  • Customised Solutions: Each home gets a unique plan based on its specific needs and materials.

The first phase of the programme saw great success for the 65 houses that received upgrades in Perthcelyn. The next phase is due to be announced in July 2024 with more tenants set to benefit from the programme.

By improving energy efficiency, ORP helps you save money and stay comfortable in your home. If you have questions or need help, we’re here to assist you.

Find out how being able to better manage the temperature of her home has helped Sandra save money and better manage her long-term health condition.

Sandra’s warmer home
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Read how Rhian supported tenants to make the most of these improvements.

Rhian is keeping your home warmer
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