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Rhian is keeping your home warmer

10 April 2024

Rhian shares how she has been supporting tenants having thermal improvement work done to their homes in Perthcelyn

“Hi, I’m Rhian and I’m a Tenant Liaison Officer (TLO) at Trivallis. My role as a TLO is to make sure tenants are supported and kept up to date during major works to their home. But for me this is more than just a job, it’s what I love to do.

“I love talking to people so for me it’s been great to spend so much time in the community helping people and making sure they feel properly supported as we make these huge improvements to their homes.

“I’m a valleys girl myself so I know what it’s like growing up in Trivallis communities and I know the difference this is making to so many people’s lives.

“When this job came up, I absolutely jumped at the chance because for me it was the perfect opportunity to help people and help them adjust to this new way of living. I came from a housing association over in Gwent where I’d worked for eight years, but I wanted to be able to make a difference in the area that I live in. To be able to see the impact of the work, while reducing my own carbon footprint by working locally.

“By working in the same area for the last year, I’ve been given the time to get to know people and really understand how they can make the most out of these works. As a result, I’ve met some amazing people and got to see the huge difference this has made to their everyday lives.

“For some people this means an energy saving of up to £200 a month which with the current cost of living crisis means absolutely everything.”

A tenant who has really seen the benefits is Sandra. You can read her story here.

“From health benefits and savings to just feeling proud of your home and more comfortable living in it, the Optimised Retrofit Programme has changed lives and I’d like to think I’ve helped people maximise the benefits along the way.

“When there have been questions or problems I’ve enjoyed being there on behalf of the tenants, making sure our contractors meet their needs and put them first. Being able to help that relationship with the contractors has also allowed us to adapt our approach to each home, making sure we make small changes that are tailored to people’s specific needs.

“I think I’m really going to miss working with tenants in Perthcelyn when this is over but will definitely stay in touch.

“I also just want to thank everyone in Perthcelyn for being so kind and welcoming. It’s been really great getting to know you and I hope everyone continues to stay warm for less after these works are completed.”