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Sandra’s warmer home

Sandra has recently had life-saving work completed on her home.

Sandra was born and raised in Perthcelyn. In fact, Sandra still lives in the same house she was born in. A lot has changed since Sandra was a little girl but the community of Perthcelyn has been the one constant that she is incredibly proud of.

One of the most recent changes Sandra has experienced is the thermal improvement works completed on her home as part of Trivallis’ Optimised Retrofit Programme.

Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP) is a fancy way of saying we’re make improvements to your home so that it gets warmer more quickly and then keeps that heat in. And it costs way less to do it!

Sandra is a is self-proclaimed high energy user, but it’s not always out of choice.

Sandra has COPD, which is a lung disease. If the house is too cold Sandra starts to cough and her risk of getting ill worsens. If the house is too hot, it gets too dry and Sandra starts to cough and gets ill. For Sandra, finding that goldilocks temperature that’s ‘just right’ isn’t just about cost saving, it’s lifesaving.

A two-story white pebbledash house with solar panels on the roof, black gates at the front, and a blue sky with scattered clouds above.

Since having the improvements to her home, Sandra has noticed a huge difference.

“I used to have to blast the heating throughout the day which would always set me off coughing. It was also really expensive. I’d put it up to 20 degrees and it would still be cold in here. But now I can put it on a lower steady heat and it stays warm.

“My heating costs have halved and in fact, it stays so warm I have to knock the heating off at half seven, so it cools down in time for bed. It’s magnificent.”

“We didn’t have central heating back in those days. We had a generator here in the kitchen and a fireplace. That’s just how it was.”

Since having the works done Sandra finds her wellbeing has also benefitted. She feels more relaxed and happier in her own home. The worries about heating costs have gone and the cold journey into the kitchen to make a cuppa in the morning is a thing of the past.

“You also feel prouder in your home. As well as keeping me warmer it looks better.”

Now the main works are complete, Sandra is waiting for a few finishing touches before re-decorating her home and then getting back out in the garden to do some planting.

“It was a lot of hassle having the work done, it is a messy job. But if I had my time again and they asked me to do it, I’d absolutely jump at the chance, it’s totally worth it!”

Meet Vic Cox

A bespectacled man with a short beard and bald head, wearing a blue sweater over a patterned shirt, smiling at the camera with people in the background.

Vic Cox

“ORP is a horrible name isn’t it? For me, while the thermal improvement works are important, it’s actually about the difference it makes for our tenants.

“I love my job, but Director of Assets and Regeneration does sound a lot colder than it really is. My job is to make sure people have the best homes to live in and that our homes are fit for people both now and in the future. And I really do hope I’m bringing a lot of warmth to that, and not just through more affordable heating.

“This job and the impact it has is a huge responsibility, but one I take very seriously. As a former military man, I apply my precision and skill to make sure our tenants’ needs are the central target of our improvement programmes.

“If improvement work doesn’t save tenants money or make their lives better, then I have to ask if it’s really worth us doing them? And because we’ve asked ourselves that question, what we now have is a programme of work, including ORP, that is focused on short and long term benefits, that mean our tenants spend less money on heating and more on living a happy and healthy life.”

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Supporting tenants

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