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As part of our long-term vision for Penrhys, Trivallis and RCTCBC continue to work together to make sure Penrhys is a great place to live. We want our tenants to live in safe, comfortable homes, within a thriving community. 

We know many of you are concerned about the future of Penrhys and to help reassure you about our commitment to you and the estate, we wanted to take the time to set out what is happening and why. 

Together we hope we can make the most of every opportunity that come out of this process. 

Going forward this page will have all the latest information in relation to the improvements being made in Penrhys. 

We’ll be sending out regular newsletters to tenants and providing answers to frequently asked questions.

Cardiff Bay

We’re fixing up the outside walls of our four buildings in Cardiff Bay: Cogan House, Grangemoor House, Roath House, and Queen Alexandra House. We found some problems with the walls, and there are new regulations for how tall buildings should be built, so we need to make changes.

To do this, we’re taking down the old walls and putting up new ones that meet the new regulations. This will make the homes better and safer to live in.

We’ve already started work on Grangemoor House, taking down the old walls and putting up scaffolding. Next, we’ll build the new walls. At Roath House, we’ve finished getting ready and will soon start putting up scaffolding to begin the work there too.


In June 2023, we started a special project called the Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP) in Perthcelyn. This is a big project happening across Wales with the Welsh Government’s support. The goal of ORP is to make homes better for people to live in and kinder to the environment.

We’re going to upgrade homes to make them warmer and use less energy, which will help save money and protect the planet by reducing pollution.

Before we start the upgrades, we’ll check each home to see what improvements are needed. These could include better insulation, solar panels, fixing roofs, or installing smart energy systems.

This project will happen over the next few years across more of our estates. When it’s time to work on your home, we’ll let you know. After the upgrades, you’ll probably notice lower energy bills, less heat escaping from your home, and better control over your energy use.

We appreciate your patience as we roll out this program to all our homes. If you’re worried about money or want tips on saving, check out our advice and guidance pages.

Cae Fadre

We’re making plans to make the Cae Fardre estate in Church Village better and safer for everyone who lives there.

In the first phase of our plans, we redesigned the public spaces in the estate. This meant making changes like creating more open areas, improving how well we can see around, and blocking off private places and unsafe paths. These changes will help stop any trouble and make the estate a friendlier place to be.

We also knocked down the garage blocks where people sometimes cause problems. By getting rid of these spots, we hope to open up the area and make the pathways behind them safer to walk along.

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