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Talk to our team 24/7

Our phones are answered 24/7, but please only call out-of-hours if it’s an emergency.

Need a repair?

If something is unsafe or needs fixing, contact us book a repair.

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Accessing your home

It’s important that we can get into your home to carry out these checks. You’ll receive letters and text messages with appointment dates and reminders. If you won’t be at home to let us in, please let us know so we can change the appointment.

This year, almost £640,000 was wasted on missed appointments because a tenant wasn’t at home to let us in.

What kind of checks will we be doing?

To make sure everything is safe and legal in your home, we do routine checks and safety inspections like gas servicing, electrical testing, fire maintenance, and surveys. We also have Carbon Monoxide detectors in all our properties.

We have one of the best safety records amongst housing associations in Wales, with 100% compliance with gas safety, fire safety and water quality standards.

How often do we do these checks?

We carry out gas safety inspections once a year. Electrical testing is done every five years.

Some of our properties, mainly blocks of flats and sheltered schemes, need fire risk assessments and these are done annually.

If your home has a lift or hoist, this will be inspected every six months.

How long will it take for the checks?

Gas safety checks shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Someone aged over 18 needs to be at your home to let us in. Other checks might take longer but we’ll let you know when we send the appointment.

Check your safety certificates