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Working together to make Andrews Court and Taff Vale flats a Great Estate

1 July 2024

On Thursday 06 June, teams from Trivallis and RCT Council came together to clean up the area around Andrews Court and Taff Vale flats in Pontypridd.

On Thursday 06 June, teams from Trivallis and RCT Council came together to clean up the area around Andrews Court and Taff Vale flats in Pontypridd.

Trivallis’ Estates Team did a great job, working to cut back overgrown hedges, grassed areas and tidied up the bin stores.

Wes, a carpenter at Trivallis lent a hand to create some planters to add some flowers and brighten up the bin store area.

Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales A man wearing a bright green safety shirt and glasses uses a power drill to work on an outdoor construction project. He is assembling a wooden frame near a brick wall with a window, and has a tattoo on his right forearm.

Involved tenants also helped out with clearing the area and speaking to tenants, to understand what improvements they wanted to see in the area.

The Neighbourhoods Teams and Community Development Team were knocking doors, and taking the time to speak to tenants to understand what they thought of our services and to find out how they would like to get involved via our STAR Survey.

RCT Council Awareness and Enforcement Team were also there to speak with tenants about their waste, answering any questions they had and handing out recycling bags and bins to better manage their waste.

Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales Three women stand together, smiling for the camera. They are outdoors, in front of a brick building. Two women are holding documents, and one is wearing a "Trivallis" branded shirt. They are dressed in casual attire, and there's a staircase with railings visible beside them.

The Graig Community Centre were kind enough to open their doors and let us use this as a place where tenants in the area could come along to sit down and speak with the teams about any issues they had. From money advice, to repairs, to discussing setting up a community group, the conversations varied but were open and honest to get the best resolution.

Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales Two people are working in a garden at the side of a brick apartment building. One person, wearing a black mask and bright yellow vest, is using a strimmer on greenery. The second person, wearing a dark shirt, is further back holding some garden tools.

The Estates Team even helped to cut back the overgrown hedges outside the Community Centre, whilst they were there.

RCT Councillor Jayne Brencher was on hand to chat with the teams and tenants from the area. She said: Many thanks to the Trivallis team who spent the day working to improve the Graig area around Taff Vale flats and Andrews Court.

“It was really lovely to have residents involved in improving their community. Hopefully this is the start of positive engagement moving forward.”

Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales Two construction workers sit on a flatbed truck among wooden planks and tools. Both are wearing casual hats, t-shirts, and work pants. One worker is smiling widely, while the other, wearing a high-visibility vest, calmly holds a travel mug. A brick building is in the background.

The day was a success with the area looking much cleaner, with important conversations had with great members of the community.

Whilst some of these improvements may seem small, in the grand scheme of things making these small changes has an impact on the quality of life of residents.

Trivallis Housing Landlord Wales A person wearing a high-visibility vest, ear protection, and a baseball cap is using a leaf blower on a footbridge. The surroundings include brick buildings, a grassy area below, and green hills in the background.


This is just the beginning of the partnership working with the great community members to make it a place they love to live and a Great Estate.

We’re inviting residents to come along to our community catch up on 09 July at 1:30pm at The Graig Community Centre to have a cuppa with your neighbours and chat about what ideas you have.

Here’s what happened on the day: