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Ten reasons why I love living in my Trivallis home

I'm Emma Nicholas, and I live in a Trivallis home. I recently sat down to list all the things I like about living in social housing.

In August, I had the Comms team come to my house to take some pictures, so I sat down to list my favourite things about living in social housing. The Comms people normally ask questions and I like to be prepared, lol! As I sat down drinking a cuppa while the kids were in bed, I found myself surprised (pleasantly) by how many things flew straight to my mind.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my list:

  1. Friendly neighbours: One of the best things is that my neighbours don’t judge me. We’re all different, but we treat each other the same.
  2. Great community: The community spirit of my estate (it’s one of the friendliest places I’ve visited or lived in).
  3. Never alone: I’m never lonely here, but I also have space to do my own thing. And if you ever need anything, even if you’re not friends, everyone pulls together. My grandson had a medical emergency, and everyone came to help – not stare or film on their phones as is the norm these days.
  4. Repairs: The security of knowing faults and repairs will be fixed by Trivallis (yes, some take time if they’re not urgent) no matter how skint I am.
  5. Stable home: A long-term roof over my head. I know I’ll have a place to live for a long time.
  6. Personal touch: I can decorate and make the house into my own home, a family home, having previously lived in private accommodation where the norm seemed to be no decorating allowed.
  7. Extra support: The support services my landlord offers above and beyond their duty. When I was going through a tough time I was supported, not judged.
  8. Family matters: The knowledge that (touch wood) if anything was to happen to me, my son would be allowed to stay here or would be rehomed nearby if he was old enough.
  9. Affordable rent: Yes – had to be here somewhere – the affordable-ish rent. Let’s be honest, everyone is finding it tough, but in comparison to private rent it’s ok.
  10. Outdoor space: The outside space, my garden, the land around my home. My garden is huge, big enough to build a little house for my children, and before I’ve always just had a yard and straight onto roads.


I love our home.

I love my community and estate.

Do I feel poor or under anyone because I live in social housing? Hell no, I’m proud and feel lucky and privileged to have all the above and so much more.

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