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Are you in immediate danger?

Call emergency services on 999

Talk to our team 24/7

Our phones are answered 24/7, but please only call out-of-hours if it’s an emergency.

How can we help

We have a dedicated Neighbourhoods Team who deal with antisocial behaviour problems.

When you call us, we’ll write down everything you tell us about what’s happened. The details will be passed to our Neighbourhoods Team who will then contact you to talk about it and investigate the issue, gathering evidence and speaking to everyone involved. They’ll tell you about other support agencies who can help you and agree with you what action should be taken.

We’ll support tenants raising a complaint, victims, and witnesses throughout the process. Any actions taken will be reasonable and fair. We won’t tolerate ASB and expect residents to follow the rules on acceptable behaviour which are in your Occupation Contract.

This year we resolved 712 cases of ASB.

What if I’m not happy

Neighbour disputes and antisocial behaviour can be complicated, and it can take a while to fix the situation. We know this can be worrying or frustrating, but please call our customer service team on 03000 030 888 if you are not happy with the support you’ve received. We’re here to listen and here to help.