My Trivallis

Report a repair

We only look at social media in office hours so the fastest way to report a repair is:

Why we use social media

We share helpful news and updates for our tenants and let others know what’s going on. Our communications team manages our social media, and they read comments. If there’s something important, they’ll pass it to the right team. 

Reading and responding

 If you tag us (@WeAreTrivallis or just our name), we’ll see it, but we don’t monitor every single every tenant post. We try to reply to questions or problems, but it might not be straight away. We won’t reply to abusive, racist, sexist, or inappropriate comments.

When we’re active

Check for updates on social media between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. We might post on weekends too. If the sites have issues, we’re not responsible for service interruptions.

Post management

We usually won’t remove public posts or comments. Still, we’ll think about it if they break our guidelines. Safety first—avoid sharing personal info, report crimes through proper channels, and be respectful online.

Make a complaint

If you’re not happy about something, you can make an official complaint: