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Groceries and cooking

  1. Take advantage of introductory offers for meal boxes like Hello Fresh and Gousto. Cancel after the sign-up deal if you don’t want to continue at full price.
  2. Use slow cookers for cheap batch cooking.
  3. Consider using a microwave or air fryer, often cheaper than an oven.
  4. Be wary of supermarket deals like 3 for 2. Avoid excess items that might go to waste.
  5. Explore reduced sections in supermarkets during early evenings for bargains.
  6. Make ‘Fakeaways’ instead of ordering takeaways.

Shopping strategies

  1. Write a shopping list and stick to it.
  2. Shop around for the best deals.
  3. Choose own-label products over big brands.
  4. Join loyalty schemes for additional savings.
  5. Set a family challenge for a spend-free day.
  6. Follow the 24-hour rule before making significant purchases. Wait for 24 hours before buying; this gives you time to decide if you really need it.

Utilities and water savings

  1. Wash up in a bowl to save around £25 a year.
  2. Install a shower timer to cut water usage and save up to £7 per person annually.
  3. Use ‘Buffaloo’ cistern bags for reduced water in toilet flushes.
  4. Turn down your water thermostat for energy savings.
  5. Check Welsh Water tariffs or consider a water meter for cost-effective options.
  6. Turn down your thermostat and radiators to save on heating costs.
  7. Use free water-saving gadgets provided by Welsh Water.

Energy and lighting

  1. Turn off lights when leaving a room and avoid over-lighting spaces.
  2. Turn off electronics completely to save on standby costs.
  3. Dry washing outside or on a clothes horse instead of using a tumble dryer.
  4. Run washing machines and dishwashers only when full.
  5. Defrost food in the fridge and cool hot food before refrigerating.
  6. Boil only the necessary amount of water in the kettle.
  7. Use lids on saucepans for faster and more energy-efficient cooking.

Financial check-ups

  1. Review regular payments and cancel unnecessary subscriptions.
  2. Check broadband and mobile contracts; negotiate or shop around for better deals.
  3. Sell unused items online through platforms like Facebook marketplace and Gumtree.
  4. Use free food apps like Toogoodtogo, Olio, and ShopEZY.
  5. Use loyalty schemes, reward and cashback apps to earn cash as you shop.
  6. Explore reward schemes from mobile providers for additional perks like free coffee or breakfast rolls.

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