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Dorian the GRAMO man

12 April 2024

Read what drives Dorian when he’s delivering this life changing programme.

When he’s not playing the drums with his band, or spending time with his loving family, Dorian Griffiths is, The GRAMO Man.

The Get Ready and Move on Project (GRAMO) is a pretenancy information project that prepares people from all walks of life for independent living.

Read what drives Dorian when he’s delivering this life changing programme.

“I love GRAMO and everything that comes with it, the people, the challenges, and the rewards. I’ve been delivering GRAMO for the past six years and I’ve seen so many changes in our service delivery to tailor and adapt to our learners’ needs.

“I can honestly say I wouldn’t have stayed so long if I didn’t believe that GRAMO can make a difference.

“The work packs that are completed throughout the sessions are suitable for all learning levels. The sessions are short, and tailored to learners’ needs giving them more time to reflect on the information that they have learnt.

“To me GRAMO is not just a pre-tenancy training project, it is a representation of how things can change. It’s about changing mindsets and believing that if you work towards something and believe in a vision, then you can change your situation.

“We work with some of the most vulnerable people across RCT, and we take pride on making an impact on their lives through information, motivation and building self-confidence. The sessions have an interactive element to them. They are informal and friendly, with a relaxed approach.

“We have only one rule during the GRAMO sessions ELE – ‘Everybody love Everybody’. We laugh when we first say it, but it quickly becomes our motto after each session.

“We promote a sense of community and take those values into our next tenancies, because if we are proud of where we live, we will work to look after it. It is not only about making that next step, but also about sustaining it.”

GRAMO is designed to give people the best start with their tenancy. For people who are living independently for the first time or are being rehomed after a period of homelessness; adjusting to a new way of life can be a challenge.

GRAMO is delivered through six bitesize sessions that cover necessary steps to moving on and accessing the support available, using Homefinder to find properties available to you, antisocial behaviour and landlord disputes, understanding your tenancy, money management, bills and budgeting and benefits and grants available.”

If you would like any more information about the project or would like to discuss booking a space on one of the upcoming sessions, please contact: Dorian Griffiths –


Here’s what people who have completed the course think:

“GRAMO – 11/10 spot on, really enjoyed the course. Dorian was clear, concise, and comedic. I loved all the sessions, but I will always remember my last session. We had the GRAMO graduation ceremony, where we set off confetti canons. I thought the workbooks had just enough information without being overkill, it wasn’t excessive. Although I enjoyed the course I only went because of Dorian, if it was anyone else, I just don’t think it would have worked.”

“I enjoyed the course, it was informative. GRAMO does what it says on the tin, it actually helps you move on. I had no idea how much was involved. The budgeting session was very helpful. I can’t believe how much it costs when you move out. I wouldn’t change anything about the course, and I think GRAMO should be advertised more. I think everyone should do GRAMO because it’s such a brilliant course.”