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Mrs P boosts income with help from Trivallis money advice team

Mrs P is over £25,000 better off each year after being supported by the Trivallis Money Advice Team.

It all started when Mrs P was chatting with her Rent Account Manager, who noticed she was approaching state pension age. They realised Mrs P hadn’t received the necessary code to start her pension application. The manager referred her to Sue Hoskins, a Money Advice Officer at Trivallis, who stepped in to help.

Sue said, “I began supporting Mrs P with her pension application, getting the required code and assisting with the application. I invited her to one of our Money Advice drop-ins to provide further help.”

Mrs P shared, “I had so many letters, and I didn’t want to ask for help because I felt silly. I struggled to understand what they meant. Sue explained everything without making me feel dull.”

Once the pension application was done, Sue conducted a benefit check to explore additional support for Mrs P.

Sue explained, “We found Mrs P was entitled to other financial support, including state pension credit, housing benefit, council tax reduction, and assistance with her water bill through the Help U tariff. In total, we identified an amasing £25,537.75 of additional income and savings for Mrs P annually!”

Grateful for the support, Mrs P said, “I’m thankful for Sue for making a difference in my life, financially and mentally. She answered every question I had. For people like me who feel left behind, there’s help at the other end of the phone. Don’t be afraid; just ask for help.”

Sue added, “It’s fulfilling to see the impact I made. I stay in touch with Mrs P, providing ongoing support. She even visited the office with a card and chocolates to say thank you.”

Sue noted, “Mrs P’s case is unique, and we can’t promise such significant amounts for everyone. However, every bit helps, so I encourage everyone to access available support. You have nothing to lose and much to gain, both financially and emotionally.”

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