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I found independence through my sheltered community

When Irene lost her loved ones her life took a turn, but moving into sheltered housing changed her life.

When Irene Boughey lost her husband and daughter within 12 months of each other, her life took a complete turn. But after moving into sheltered accommodation, the sense of community and belonging has given her the confidence to regain her independence and get back to the things she loves most.

When Irene lost her loved ones, her whole world changed. Having found some comfort moving in with her other daughter, Irene still lacked the confidence and the independence she once had. But this changed, when she moved into her new home in sheltered accommodation.

“I became really depressed after losing those close to me, I didn’t have much family around me or many people to talk to. I had my daughter but it’s difficult to talk to family. But when I moved in, I had so many new people around me that I could talk to.”

Moving into a sheltered scheme with people of a similar age with similar experiences has transformed Irene’s life. She takes part in lots of
activities including coffee mornings and film nights.

With better weather on the way, the tenants are also looking to do some gardening to help brighten up the area and stay active.

Taking part in these activities has not only helped boost Irene’s wellbeing but it’s also given her the confidence to get back to other things she loves doing.

“I always used to go out places on my own, even abroad. I love to travel and would regularly go on holiday alone, exploring different countries. I find it a bit more difficult to get around now, but I often get a bus or a taxi to go shopping either on my own, with some of the other tenants or with my daughter. We go to the local shops or go for a coffee in one of the local cafes. It’s great to get out again.”

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