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Annual rent increase

22 March 2023

We know that many people are struggling with the cost of living and receiving an increase on your rent may be difficult.

Unfortunately, we need that increased income to enable us to maintain the vital support and services that we provide you, as our tenant. By increasing your rent, it means we can deliver a programme of works to improve fire safety, ensure properties are better insulated and to fit new kitchens and bathrooms.

Back in November 2022, we sent out a text asking for you to fill out the Your Thoughts – Rent Consultation Survey 2023/2024. We received a total of 582 responses. Outside of key essential services such as repairs, planned works and safety checks, we asked what people would have the most concern about reducing?

  • 44% of responses were concerned about us reducing expenditure on energy improvement projects.
  • 48% of responses were concerned about us reducing expenditure on care and support services.
  • 27% of responses were concerned about us reducing expenditure on money advice and financial support.


When setting our budgets for this coming financial year, we have ensured that we have maintained these services and where possible, we have increased the ability to deliver more services that our tenants want, particularly those to support people through the pressures of the cost-of-living crisis.

Each year, we set our rents in line with the Welsh Government’s Rent Policy. This year the Welsh Government stated that rents should rise in April 2023 by no more than 6.5% averaged across all our rents.

Our policy sets rents on a local level and based on property size, which means some rents will be frozen whilst others are increased. The maximum any individuals rent will go up is by 6.5% plus 30p per week.

A few weeks ago, you will have received a letter notifying you of your new rent, in line with the rent increase.

If you are receiving benefit support for your rent, then your benefit will increase, in most cases either to cover the rent increase fully or partly.

If you are paying the rent yourself, we will be in contact with you after April to see if you need additional support and to help identify what support may be available.

If you are ever struggling to pay your rent, please don’t wait for us to contact you and don’t let arrears mount up. Get in touch with us straight away because we are here to help!

If you would like to contact our Money Advice Team for support and advice, contact us.